The Parable of the Sanctimonious Servant

EP25: A lazy sanctimonious Christian helps no one, ever, contrary to what Jesus called all of us to do.

Context: Matthew 15:1-14 [Amp]

A changed mind is a terrible thing to waste.


Sidewalk Rescuing and Ministry, by a Minister

So how was your trip around the mountain?

Mine was FABULOUS. Really. Every lap around that mountain gives us the opportunity to learn, even if you’re doing the same thing over and over. This unscheduled “trip” was not a journey away from Jesus and ministry, but to clarify and make clearer the Man He is and the words in red.

Some of my mountain trip was my renewed interest in the Jesus movement from decades ago. The kind of hippie way of following Jesus seemed so pure and unencumbered. Yes, there were issues with the doctrine, but the essence was of it reminded me of the unhindered love of the Gospel preaching to every creature without fear.

We fear mean people. We fear backlash. We want ‘peace’ but not the peace that passes all understanding. I, too, wanted to be LEFT ALONE. But ministry is PUBLIC, so says the Book of Acts, which has no end until Jesus comes back.

So, what cool stuff did the mountain trip teach me?

Your opinion has VALUE.
It is acceptable to listen to and glean from other ministries.
Strengthening discernment is the best workout EVER.
No two ministries are ever exactly the same.
Love does not mean acceptance.

Perhaps the hardest thing for a Christian and Minister to do is accept who WE are rather than caving to others. And by that I mean other ministries or the sister who prays more or the brother that gives more, etc. YOU and I are completely unique in our walk with the Lord and we should give a great big HALLELUJAH for that! Jesus wants us to be fishers of men, not a bunch of Stepford wives and clones.

Christians use social media to demonize other Christians and ministries. Shame on them. God hears them. But didn’t I do the same thing “in the name of Jesus”? Sadly yes. But then the mountain showed up! Thank God for the mountain!

Believers do not have inherent light, but we do have reflective light. So let your light so shine, for He is our source, a public acknowledgement of Jesus. Angry social media armchair preachers are the clanging cymbals of “ministry”.

More from the Nothing Pit.

Your Nothing Pit is nothing until revelation finally shows up.

Where would we be without divine purpose? How would we know where to go without revelation from God? How horrible is it to know you are out of the Will of God:

“For many are called, but few are chosen.*” NOPE. How many times are Christians going to take this out of context? This bit of scripture is about salvation, not the Call of God for your ministry. This is a perfect example of how scripture is not studied and translated correctly from the original text as it should be.

Round and round she goes; where she stops, nobody knows. WRONG. The Christian Jews got it right and went right back. Why? Instead of doing a work for the Lord they wanted to work as the Lord because they had no faith in Christ:

“…and I will show you my faith by my works.**” Okay, at least you think you want to do something but somehow Grace has been misunderstood as being complacent instead of loving God enough to do what He has placed on your heart – your calling and ministry.

Do you really think you’re here just to hold the couch down…in the name of Jesus?

Sometimes the Nothing Pit is for a short period of time when you’re feeling down and out, can’t seem to pray, God seems a million miles away, etc, etc, etc. However, some Christians have been in the Pit the entire time because they’ve been taught GRACE GRACE GRACE and the rest is GLORY GLORY GLORY when we are supposed to pick up the ball and run HARD to the finish line with the specific work He has us.

We are not here on Earth sucking up free air while other Christians are doing what has been laid upon their heart by the Lord.

Can you get off the couch and quit justifying lousy behavior in the name of Jesus?? Don’t you have something to do?

*Matthew 22:14; **James 2:18