What about ME?

This isn’t really about me.

It’s about how much I love being a child of God, a Christian woman. But even that being said, there are inconsistencies in how confessed Christians live – out loud – in spite of what the Word of God dictates.

Too many ‘Christians’ are in church with a hangover. There are ‘Christians’ that profess a gay lifestyle. There are ‘Christians’ that live the most unholy life but judge and mock others that are doing the same thing. There a ‘Christians’ that have no intention of doing anything more for God than to just show up at church, if that.

As a Christian, you are called of God for a specific purpose that He has set apart just for you.

There is no such thing as an ordinary Christian. For instance, I am a born-again spirit-filled evangelical blood-bought Saint of God. What about you?

This is an ongoing story of my walk with the Lord – with a precise, explicit Ministry ordained by Him that is just for ME.

Do you KNOW the LORD?