Atheist’s Day Explained by an EX-atheist, Part One

EP11: Since when is there an Atheist’s Day? We look at actual truth, objective truth, subjective truth and Biblical truth to discern this so-called ‘holiday’ explained by an ex-atheist. 

2 thoughts on “Atheist’s Day Explained by an EX-atheist, Part One

  1. alas, since Christians can’t agree on the most basic things in their religion, you *all* claim you and only you have the “biblical truth” which contradicts each other, and you all fail to be able to do what your supposed messiah promised every baptized believer in him as personal savior could be able to do, there is no reason to think you have anything at all but baseless opinion.

    Christians all want to claim taht their god is the source of “objective truth”, often citing morals. But you folks can’t decide what morals your god wants. You also have the problem that many of you have no problem when your god does something that you would hopefully be aghast if a human did the same thing. This demonstrates an entirely subjective morality, dependent (aka subject to) on what/who something is, rather than on the morality of the action itself.

    Most of you seem to have no more morality than might equals right.

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