How I wish my kids really knew the Joy of the Lord. They, like most people, believe it’s happiness that brings joy. While happiness is very short lived, joy is for every minute of every day. Joy is a lifestyle, if you are a born-again believer.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.” Matthew 13:44

I cannot imagine my life without the Lord. He is my field, my Joy.

But that always wasn’t so. I got saved at 40 years old, well after I had my children. I believe this is why my children have their worldly woes; they were raised by a worldly mom that knew no more than what the world taught…just like they are today.

Trying to undo the past is pretty much impossible. This is what I am trying to teach our adult kids, from our own attempts at trying to rule the world rather than obeying God. Our results were pretty bleak, just like theirs.

What I cannot understand is why our adult kids would rather do what we used to do and expect optimum results rather than seeing how we live for the Lord now. Certainly we do not have tons of possessions or a huge home, but that is by design and being obedient; learning financial stewardship was FREEING. Christians don’t have ‘need’ of things…we need Jesus Christ, our Joy.

My prayer [at 4am this morning!] is that our kids and your kids will understand and live by Jesus and His incredible ministry rather than chasing 30 pieces of silver. This is ‘Holy Week’, the last earthly week of the life of Jesus. He did so much for us and I wish our children the deep Joy we have in Him for them.

God Bless you all today ~ the new blanket of snow on the ground this morning is like a brand new blanket of renewal to me. Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “30 DAY PARENTING PRAYER CHALLENGE: Day 15

  1. My sentiments towards my kids are exactly as yours are. I, too, did not become born again until my kids were raised and out of their teens. I think, life seems easier for them, without having to live the straight life of no partying (with alcohol), living true Christian lives. I think it’s easier for them to say, “You had your fun times, now I am having mine.”

    Yes, we wish every day our children would find God in their younger years as we have come to know God and Jesus gives us so much always. I have decided to not push that on them at all anymore. I do pray they will come to know Jesus in time as I did. We can only pray and hope.

    Have a wonderful day! Brenda

    • Brenda, you speak the truth when you say “You had your fun times, now I am having mine.” I believe it’s just an excuse for doing what they want AND to show us our failure. BUT GOD IS GOOD!!! He will have His way, not theirs! Praying harder than ever!

      • God talks about the younger years as adults how we seem to need to run wild, sow our oats, and settling down as time passes and we mature as adults. Perhaps if you try seeing it that way, it will help your troubled mind. I am a strong Christian woman today and tried for a few years to get the kids to become Christians, attending church, getting involved. My son was born again but had a bad marriage, ending up in divorce. His wife demanded a high society life which he tried to give her but he ended up in divorce, developed bi-polar issues and wandered away from God. He remarried and has a good life. God is not in it but I know he will find Him again.

        One daughter who claims to be an atheist. They are all who they are, individually.

      • We do have some of the same issues as well. I see how our kids are affected with their environment rather than giving it to God. I know God is working on them every minute of every day. He’s an on time God!

      • I have let go and let God so many times regarding my kids and their adamant attitude of not needing that stuff in their lives, as they put it. I pray for them as you do and I know how your heart breaks. As a Rev I suppose you think if anyone can bring them around, it should be you. However, you are likely the last one who can bring them around. Unfortunately. My kids still act like they know so much more about life than I do and that I am naïve in comparison to their worldly knowledge. lol We do our best don’t we? Blessings!

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