We drove through town like we normally do and I’m sorry to say, we saw the same things we normally do. It’s so hard to see drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes, horrific poverty and blight. It’s hard to see but the root is clear: SIN.

She wants MERCY. Yes, mercy.

Matthew 5:7 says, “Blessed are the Merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

We saw a young lady, thin and looking sickly, walking down the street looking for her next customer. Unfortunately, she found one. I’d bet the farm that she would rather be home, if she had one. I’d bet she would rather be at a job that paid her enough money to eat and sleep in her own room. I’d bet she’d rather watch bad television instead of wondering if she’ll OD this time.

She wants MERCY.

Mercy is God withholding from you what you deserve. God loves her, yes He loves the prostitute. And she wants mercy. Why doesn’t someone stop and tell her about mercy? Where is the Church? Where are the preachers? And where are the self righteous? They are watching bad television, at their own home complaining about going to work in the morning.


All she [we] has to be is obedient: God leads us, He has gone before us to where we are, He has already defeated the Enemy but we still tell Him no. Obedience is the key to blessing, the way to His provision. Does she understand about what Godly provision is? What is blessing, she wonders. How can she understand what Godly obedience is if there is no one to tell her?

“Who remembered us in our lowly state, for HIS mercy endures forever;
And rescued us from our enemies, for HIS mercy endures forever;
Who gives food to all flesh, for HIS mercy endures forever.” Psalm 136:23-25

Mercy. All she wants is mercy…but what she NEEDS is Jesus, and with Him she will be victorious.

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