Self-Piety of the Brethren

Sufferings….from abusers, criticizers, liars, revilers, the dispassionate – and that’s just from Christians. Just because Christians are saved and spirit-filled does not give them carte blanche to ‘righteously’ sin against the unsaved OR the brethren. We are either achievers or perceivers; the say-ers or do-ers of the righteousness we have as Christians. The perceivers are outnumbering the achievers.

These sufferings we encounter from other Christians are keeping us from being the achievers we are meant to be. Why aren’t we praying more? Why aren’t we giving more? WHY AREN’T WE EVANGELIZING MORE? Because we suffer at the hands of the Brethren that persecute us.

My husband says, “The Church has the only army that kills its own wounded.” Nothing could be truer.

We are hurt, we are tired; we are nearly an inanimate Christian among other Christians that are medicating themselves with church attendance instead of service and worship. Yes, we have the knowledge of saving grace and faith in an eternity with Him, but like the lady said in the commercials…. “WHERE’S THE BEEF?” Where is the meat of the wisdom and LOVE we should have in Christ?

Should we suffer until Glory? We will have tribulations but to suffer because the Brethren ‘righteously’ sin against other believers is not a prerequisite of Heaven. The Apostle Paul said: ‘For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.’ Romans 8:18

Thank God for the Hope we have in Christ and the Glory that will be revealed. Even though we suffer, we still get the prize.

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