The things people say…seriously.

You know, I sometimes get my best subject matter from people that search KeepLifeLegal. It’s usually easy to see if it’s from ignorance, blatant stupidity or maybe just to be critical.

A person looking through my blog and others typed in the search box, “evolution of baby to humanhood”. WOW. If that doesn’t tell you a mindful of what that person believes…? I think this one falls into someone that was ignorant to LIFE issues and going prochoice.

The ‘searcher’ that said “evolution of baby to humanhood” clearly does not think a human being exists at conception but evolves to eventually be a human. I can remember when I was young, which was a very long time ago, being taught that embryos looked like tadpoles because that was the evidence of what we evolved from – single cell organisms to fish whose fins evolved into legs and gills that became…

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