God’s greatest blessings even on a bad day.

I stood in front of about 100 people at my local 40 Days for Life closing rally speaking on behalf of post-abortive women. I felt that I did a mediocre job although friends and family said otherwise. Would they have said that I did not?

On a very bright sunny day I stood there and saw darkness as if a great storm is about to deluge us. I could hardly see and the wind was fierce, so much so it was hard to talk. It was as if I saw only death around me, not Life.

I have a burden for Catholics which is who typically comes to prolife functions, and they seem to like me. I wonder if they think they can proselyte me…hardly; I came out of that bondage a long time ago. But the good thing is that I get the gist of their ‘faith’ when a priest says the rosary and such, while they look at me in wonderment and believe I’m the one going to Hell. Most of my family still calls Catholicism their ‘faith’ and NEVER go to church…they love the arrogance of saying they are Catholic. Even though Catholicism is saturated in false doctrine, at least these Prolifers walk the walk.

But I’m getting off subject here…let me reiterate that I literally saw death that day, so much so that I couldn’t raise my eyes to meet the gazes of those that came to hear me! God was letting me know that even though I love to see their fervor, they are still in darkness doomed to a fiery Hell and that I need to watch my back or that darkness can consume me, too. Christ is the way, not the way of Catholicism.

No wonder most of the world hates God – the world looks to religion to get to know God and that simply cannot happen. Religion killed Jesus Christ and religion will bring Him back in the not so distant future.

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