This day, 3-15-2011, a Word from the Lord.

It is not often that God speaks so loudly that you have to pull your car off the road. That is what happened to my husband this morning.

In the light of a changing world around us, a world that humans only tend to see with idolatrous eyes, we are in grave trouble! What has happened to Japan is not the beginning of sorrows; that has already begun. Have we already forgotten the tsunami that wiped out a lot of Thailand? Or the earthquake that held Chilean miners ransom?

The Bible says to look for signs and wonders of the coming day. This is a call to be ready, not be a tourist.


Pray up, and grab as many as you can…the Lord is coming soon and He wants many more for His harvest.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Thus Says the Lord God Jehovah

The earth has begun to Groan, mourn and long for its healer and redeemer.  It is sick from the seed planted by a Liberal Idol worshiping world and a steady diet fed to it from a CHURCH wrapped in a Laodicean Spirit and has begun to regurgitate from its sickness and disease.

This is just the beginning of My wrath for the lack of fear of Man that I have created and given breath and life and opportunity to serve me and reap of my grace and mercy.

I say to the World, turn from the worship of idols, self and things before it is too late. Come to the Jesus and to His Cross.  To the Church which has gone a-whoring, I SAY come back to Calvary and to the perfection of My SON and His CROSS of complete perfection and provision and completely forsake all others and be a Faithful Bride.

 He who has ears to hear let him hear, I am coming quickly. Turn to Me or be cut off and that without REMEDY.

One thought on “This day, 3-15-2011, a Word from the Lord.

  1. I like your website here and was trying to “follow” you on twitter. You have a twitter button up there but I can’t find your page. I’m new to twitter so I figured I’m messing up some how. I tend to be really long winded so I should stop there LOL. And you are right!! We ARE in the last days!! He will return soon. It is exciting to think about ~ scary too for what the world will go through but those of us who KNOW!! It’s something to look forward to also.

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