The Bible is like….a car.

No, really.

Besides being ministers, my husband and I are car salespeople. We have sold many different makes and models over the years and every one of them have tons of features. You know this if you’ve ever bought a new car; the salesperson shows you the manual and takes you through a final ‘walk around’ so that you can hopefully operate it at its optimum. Have you ever actually read the manual that the manufacturer took the time to print so that you can enjoy your new car? No, instead you’ll call your salesperson and ask questions instead.

Much is like what Christians do instead of what they should.

The Bible was inspired and thoughtfully prepared by God for us to read completely, understand completely, and live our lives as Christians completely. But precious few will pick up their Bible to read and study, instead they desire to be entertained either by their church or by church media. The preacher will do his brief ‘walk around’ in his teachings but it is up to the person sitting in the pew to open their Bible to continue what the preacher taught so that a relationship can build with God.

The Bible is a complete work. In other words, picking and choosing bits and pieces is not pleasing to God nor does it teach you His complete message; it will leave a Christian with some of the story instead of all of the facts to live a victorious life.

There is no way you can get the victory in just one or two books of the Bible. Again, it’s much like a car; you cannot operate a new car properly if you don’t know everything about it. Assumption is the shortest way to failure; believe-ism is the fastest way to defeat.

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