The Short List.

As I’ve spoken about in a related post, the simplification of my life to the minimum that I need to survive in this world has been not only laid upon my heart by God but as I look back years ago before my Salvation, I have been headed in this direction for most of my life. And I’ll go back to the Apostle Paul – Getting back to the 9th chapter of Acts when Saul became Paul, suddenly everything was nothing; nothing was everything because Saul was a rich man in those days. When he became Paul, he was in need of only what God would provide and the richer man for knowing Jesus Christ.

I gotta tell ya…Christians are stupid. I’ve never seen a people as led around by the nose like Christians are. Every new thing or whatever their church is purporting is GOD. Why aren’t we studying our Bible instead of getting the second mortgage to pay for a super cool new swimming pool?

So, what is the short list?

First, don’t buy/have something you are not willing to lose. The Lord is not happy with this debt infused opulent lifestyle Christians insist they need. No one needs something that has no value in the Kingdom of God. And by the way, the Lord does not supply mansions on Earth.

Second, identify what is MOST important to YOU, not your friends. Are your photo albums more important than your car? They should be. Is your health more important than a raise at work? It should be. Is your marriage more important than going out with your friends? BETTER BE.

Third, what you think is important to you may not be to God. Pray about it. Listen to Him. He’ll tell you if it’s a smart idea to buy that car when you have a perfectly good 5 year old one at home.

Fourth, be the steward that God wants you to be with what He gave you. We are given a life that God ordained before even the world! Why would you not want to take care of it? Financial stewardship is so important to God. So much of the Bible speaks about money and what we do with it and what we should do with it.

Fifth, like the song says, ‘Don’t worry – be happy’. God wants us to live a joyous life. He wants us to be content with what He provides for us. He wants Jesus to be our focal point, not money or houses or purses or cars or clothes.

The less I have, the less I have to take care of. In other words, having two cars instead of the one we have would require another car payment, maintenance, insurance and gas. My husband and I make one car work for us. Renting makes sense because home ownership cost a lot of money with maintenance and insurance and yard work besides a house payment I would be have to make for the next zillion years.

My commitment is to God, not a house or car or lifestyle. Living a minimalist life is very rewarding and fulfilling. The less I have the more time I have for Him – the way it’s supposed to be.